Our Executive Coaching Process

APECS partners with you to develop talent and maximize leadership skills, resulting in exceptional organizational and individual performance.

We coach executives and emerging leaders from all types of organizations at every stage and across all sectors — large corporate, tech, health care, higher education, professional services/legal, and non-profit. Our offerings provide executives with the insight and support needed to build their leadership capability and maximize their professional potential.

We utilize a comprehensive process built on years of experience and industry best practices to build trust between the executive and the coach and to generate results that benefit the individual and the organization. A collaborative approach helps our coaches identify specific personal, professional, and organizational goals and then develop a course of action tailored to meet those objectives.

APECS coaches bring expertise and experience to every assessment, consultation, and training with the aim of developing your leadership skills, establishing executive presence, or managing personnel more effectively. Throughout the coaching process, we work closely with you and your organization to ensure our executive coaching delivers a significant, measurable impact.


Team/Group Coaching

Team coaching is a great way to improve the effectiveness of a group or team.  In team coaching, we are able to assess what is holding the team back and then address issues including:

  • the purpose, mission and goals of the team;

  • configuring team roles based on strengths and talents;

  • communication among team members;

  • and any other issue that can improve the team’s dynamic.

Teams who experience coaching find that they work more effectively together, appreciate each other’s strengths and talents, allocate responsibilities among team members, conduct more productive meetings, come to fair decisions, resolve conflict, and accomplish their goals.



Assessments are a means of identifying what your individual strengths and blind-spots are, so that you can work towards becoming a stronger and more effective leader, or a more cohesive team.

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