What to Expect in Therapy

APECS operates from a cognitive behavioral (CBT) and systems perspective. With CBT, we are able to target an individual’s more immediate concerns so that their more immediate feelings of stress can be alleviated. Once these more immediate concerns have been addressed, we can address the factors within an individual’s past, which led to their mental health concerns (e.g., depression, anxiety, anger).  Because individuals do not exist in isolation and are often products of their environment, we also aim to treat individuals within the many systems that they operate in, such as family, school, work, and friends. For example, the problems that exist within the family can become the focal point of therapy, rather than the individual, and can then be addressed accordingly.

At APECS, we aim to create a safe, empathic experience, while also being honest and direct.  Therapy can be short-term or long-term, process-based (e.g., talk therapy, processing current or past stressors) or more behavioral (e.g., behavioral activation and activity scheduling, sleep hygiene strategies) – depending on the needs and objectives of the individual.  Our goal is to meet individuals where they are at and develop a therapeutic plan that best suits your lifestyle and personality.